The Beastgrip Pro Turns Your Phone Into A Mobile Video Rig


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The Beastgrip Pro is a rig system for your phone that lets you take better photos and video by adding stability, mics, lights, and lenses.

Nearly every aspect is modular or expandable. Depending on what you need to shoot, you might put your phone on a tripod for smoother shots, add a directional mic for better audio during interviews, or swap out lenses to capture wide-angle footage or to get better distance shots without hurting quality as with digital zoom. Every mount or thread uses a common photography standard, making it a great option for getting kids started with video using second-hand gear or for using your phone as an emergency on-shoot backup.

You can also remove parts of the rig by simply loosening some screws and sliding out complete segments in one go. So even though BeastGrip’s wide-angle lens can be adjusted to work with any size phone, you might…

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